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<centerbig>Welcome to the Maine Page<big><b>*[[Zombie|This is your destiny... :D ]]**[[Special:Random|Click here for aids!!!]]***[[Special:RecentChanges|Watch recent zombies]]****[[Special:UserLogin|Become a zombie for free]]<br>Are you becomming white in your face? Can you survive two weeks without water or food? Are you scaring your neighbourhood to death? Then this is the <u>right</centeru>place for YOU!!! The world may not ignore you, it has to obey you! Become Mr. Terror himself: Start your carreer on Zombiepedia. Welcome!****[[Zombiepedia:Community Portal|Act now!!! (kill someone...)]]***[[Help:Contents|Zombie's 911 (help)]]**[[Main Page/1Special:Upload|Upload a zombie]] *[[MpaiiiiiiigSpecial:SpecialPages|Special Zombies]]